Nonprofit Pricing

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DIY Plan

$ 2500

One time charge

  • How to Build Expensy check
  • What Tools You Need check
  • Best Place to Host check
  • Tutorials check
  • Step by step guide check


$ 5000

/ per year

  • Standard Expense Tracking check
  • Custom Approver Hierarchy check
  • Expense Delegation check
  • Search Expenses check
  • Unlimited users/seats check
  • Unlimited bandwidth check
  • Unlimited file storage check
  • Encryption SSL check
  • Custom subdomain check
  • 1 year of support check
  • Responsive/Mobile check
  • Data portability to CSV check


$ 7500

/ per year

  • Standard Plan + check
  • Custom Intranet check
  • Custom Features check
  • Intergrations check
  • Your domain check
  • Priority Support check

About payment & processing fees

Annual payment made by check do not incur a processing fees. If paying by credit card the processing fee is 4% of the total amount. Paying monthly incurs a 5% fee of the total amount.

Paying Annually


There are no fees if paying annually or monthly if paying by check.

Paying by check

Monthly Payment

5% fee

If paying monthly there is a 5% processing fee for the monthly cost of the plan.

Paying by Credit Card

Annual Payment

4% fee

If paying annually by credit card there is a 4% processing fee for the total cost of the plan.

Paying by Credit Card

Late Payment


We charge a late payment fee of 5% of the monthly amount after 10 days of the due date.

All late payments

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